Wedding Websites

Throughout my posts I include links to various websites that I have found useful.  Like my page dedicated to giving you quick access to files I’ve created for your use, I decided I should keep a similar page for said website links.  Here you will find not only links to websites that have made it into my posts, but to other sites that weren’t quite relevant to posts I’ve written thus far but I’ve still found useful.  If you find any yourself that you think I should add, let me know!

The Crafty Walrus is my Etsy shop, where I sell jewelry and other items inspired by my wedding DIY projects.

The Knot is great for color inspiration, helpful articles, and forums.

Wedding Channel is great for decoration inspiration, vendor reviews, and forums.

Pinterest is great for inspiration and for saving/organizing pictures you’ve found all over the web.

Martha Stewart Weddings is great for quirky ideas and DIY projects.

Simple Solutions is good for cute ideas, but how to execute some of them will be left to you to figure out.

Endless is great for finding your perfect shoes for cheap!  Bonus: free shipping, even on returns, and you get a full year to return them.

Need a laugh?  Wedinator is a great place to see that no matter what happens with your wedding, someone else probably had it worse.

Not quite to the wedding planning stage yet?  Check out the blog Dating Strangers, one woman’s adventures in online dating.


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