Wedding Planning

This blog started as a wedding planning blog in August 2011.

I had a lot of questions when I started trying to plan my wedding.  A lot.  I had no idea where to start.  I didn’t even know where to start with my questions.  I was the second one out of the group of my friends to get engaged, and as much as I love Sarah she is notoriously hard to get a hold of, so I didn’t really have anyone to turn to for advice (not current advice anyway).

When I started planning, I kept notes.  A lot of notes.  Many many many notes.  I had a massive binder, about 12 Word documents, and 7 Excel sheets.  I got on the BALL with this planning thing.  And then I had other friends get engaged.  And they didn’t know where to start.  So they came to me to ask questions.  After I started sharing some of the information I had gathered and the documents I had written and the spreadsheets I had set up, it occurred to me that this is not an unusual place for a bride-to-be to find herself in.  So that’s when the original blog “Wedding Planning Isn’t for Sissies” was born.

The wedding took place in June 2012 in Kalamazoo, so I had been trying to plan it from a distance (because planning a wedding isn’t hard enough on its own).  The obvious downside was that I had limited times with which to meet with vendors.  The upside is that it has forced me to focus my usually scatter-brained tendencies and be more organized than most brides usually are.  Some people hire wedding planners because they don’t think they can handle it on their own, but I’m a firm believer that with a 3″ binder and some coffee (or a daiquiri if that’s more your style) you can save  yourself a couple hundred (and in some cases a couple thousand!) and do it yourself.

The blog was a general guide with the examples of what Geoff and I did (and why we did it that way) thrown in along the way.  I moved away from wedding topics after wrapping things up a few months after the wedding, but deleting the information would defeat the purpose of having done this blog to begin with!  So, everything I did still exists, but isn’t at the forefront of the blog.  If you’re interested in those topics, you can click through the other pages of this menu, or use the category drop box in the sidebar to get to particular topics like the  guest list or the reception.

To see the original blog in its entirety, click here!


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