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Extra Life 2014 – For The Kids!

Back in November I talked about Extra Life, the gaming community’s equivalent of Relay For Life.  Most of the funds were raised during the 24 hour gaming marathon, but they finished out the year at a record $3.7 million.  Some groups have already started fundraising for this year, but most groups are still in their planning phase.

This year I won’t just be supporting my favorite teams, I’ll be participating!  I am joining up with some of my fellow “The Forum Thread” podcast members to form “Team TFT”.  We will be doing a 24 hour gaming marathon on October 25th alongside gamers all over the world to raise funds for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals.  Our plan is to set up a live stream of our game playing adventures for the entirety of the 24 hours, each of us taking shifts for when we’ll be on camera.  We’re still building the team and making plans, but I’m really excited for it!  You can find my personal Extra Life campaign page by clicking here.

Also, only 15 days til I leave for RTX!  I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO.