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Cancer Update: Better News Is Good News

I had my first oncologist appointment Wednesday morning. I love my doctor. Turns out she’s one of the top gynecological oncologists in the nation, so that’s a massive win. She gave me a run down of how it is she views the results, which is actually a better prognosis than what the first doctor gave me. It still requires surgery, but she is pretty confident we can get it all out with a procedure that will have me home in a few hours and should have minimal impact on my ability to have children in the future. They’re going to take out one large chunk, but it’s in a more controlled manner so it shouldn’t cause any structural issues and will be easier to check for clear margins.

That said, we’re not playing around. We’ve set a date of August 8 for the surgery, and I’m the first case of the day. I go in at 6 AM, and I should be home by lunch. Drugged up, but home. I can’t work out or lift anything heavier than the dog for about 2 weeks, but other than that I can function as normal. At the 2 week mark I go back in for them to check on everything and get me the results of the margin check on the chunk they took out. If the margins come back clear, then we call it good and have a party. If the margins aren’t clear, then we’ll bump our attack up a notch.  And if I get to have a party the entire internet is invited. No joke. Every single one of you can show up to my house.

My mom flew up here to see me for a few days because of all this craziness.  It was a bit chaotic, but it was really nice to see her.  Even with all the love and support I’ve gotten from friends and the Rooster Teeth community (and that is an entirely different story for another time), sometimes you just need a hug from your mom.

So, yeah, that’s kind of where everything is now.  Still sucks, but sucks less than we expected, so that’s good.  It’s all about silver linings!