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Post-Surgery: I’m Still Here!

Hi guys! I’m not dead! Yay!

My insides sort of wish I was, but that’s another issue entirely…

The surgery seems to have gone well, on a technical level anyways. The doctor didn’t have anything abnormal to report and was able to successfully remove the piece we intended in one whole chunk (which is much better for testing purposes but incredibly hard to do). I was in surgery for a smidgen less than an hour. Thanks to the magic of medicine (and anesthesia that feels like general but somehow actually isn’t) I was in the car to head home about 40 minutes after being rolled out of the OR.

Minus a small freak out triggered once the IV went in (thank you massive irrational fear of needles), I did alright on a personal level. The nurse was super nice, and in an effort to help pull me back to more stable emotional state was super great about getting the IV port covered as much as possible so it didn’t continue to make me panic. Bonus: they were going to give me something to make me “not care” about what was going on about 10 minutes before going into the OR, sooo since I was starting to go “oh God there’s needles oh God I’m getting surgery fuck it’s cancer damn it damn it damn it” they sort of gave it to me early. So that helped!

Whatever it was they did with the anesthesia was crazy. I’m not usually a hold out as far as going under goes, but I have zero memory of the first few minutes before it was even administered. We got to the OR, they asked me to move to the table and make sure my butt was situated in this conveniently placed gap. I remember them saying “yeah right there is good” and then suddenly I was in the Phase 1 recovery area waving at the “nice nurse ladies”.

Waking up with an oxygen tube was super weird. I remember bits and pieces of the Phase 1 area. I asked if I could go to the bathroom, and the nurse asked me if I would like a bed pan. I said “if you think I need a bed pan instead of an actual bathroom I am willing to defer to your judgement and swallow my dignity”. She laughed and said “those are mighty fancy words for someone still on drugs.” I said “hey, I said from the start of this I was going to let this impact my life as little as possible, fancy words and all”.  She cracked up and high-fived me, and then let me use an actual bathroom.

I’m stubborn, and was convinced I didn’t need the pain meds that were prescribed since the doc said some people end up not needing it and I’m convinced I’m a special snowflake and would be in that group. Turns out I was wrong. I sat up once and went “NOPE, THIS IS NOT GOING TO WORK”. Geoff was awesome and ran out to get that filled so I could not be quite so aware of my insides. Sneezing is less than pleasant, and I have to be careful how I sit up/lean, but overall things aren’t awful. Not good, but not awful. I’m on an activity restriction until my check-up (can’t lift anything more than 10 pounds, no working out), and apparently I can expect active bleeding for the ridiculous time period of 6 whole freaking weeks.

Check-up is in 3 weeks, and at that point I should get the margin results so we can form a plan for the future, one way or another. In the mean time, I’m going to try to take it easy and just try to resume life as normal.  I have some painting projects lined up as a thank you to some people who have been extra supportive in the Rooster Teeth community, and I have another costume idea lined up that I’m working on getting planned out and started.  We’ll see how things go I guess!


Symphony of the Goddesses: Go See It

Awesome.  Pure awesome.

I would go again in a heartbeat.

The show was a massive success.  The music was incredibly well orchestrated, powerful, and beautiful.  There was a good number of other people dressed up as well, so we didn’t stick out like sore thumbs.  We were actually quite popular, and had a pretty constant line of people asking us if they could take pictures with us.  We will probably never see most of them, but it’s cool to know they’re out there!

Secret Saturday Missed Post: OMG I FINISHED

I can’t believe it!  I actually got it finished!

I finished painting one side on Thursday night, did touch ups in the morning, then painted the other side first thing when I got home on Friday.  I was doing touch ups through this morning, and it is certainly not perfect, but honestly you can’t really tell unless you’re holding it and looking at it.

For the strings I ended up using stiff wire.  I used some pins to mark where they needed to be placed, then ran the wire pieces through the top bar down to the bottom portion of the harp.  Once the bottom of the wire was placed correctly, I pushed the wire down so about 1/4 a centimeter of it was in the foam.  For the holes that left in the top bar, I just covered them with paint.  I probably should have used putty, and you can kind of see where they went in, but I was short on time and it was a “good enough” sort of fix.

My sister is on her way (should be here any minute), and then we’ll get ourselves all nerded up and ready to go!  SO EXCITED FOR THE SHOW!

(This post was mostly written on Saturday 10/19/13, but not posted until 10/20/13.)

Thursday Missed Post: Crunch Time

The Symphony of the Goddesses show is in two days.  I have the entire costume finished, with the exception of the harp.

Oh geeze the harp.

I’m carving the harp out of insulation foam.  I found a pattern online, traced it, and with the help of my wonderful husband cut it out and started to shape it.  It was tricky, but lucky me Geoff has a wide variety of tools in the garage that I was able to raid.  Between the sand paper, exacto knife, and assorted files, I managed to get it pretty close.

To prep it for paint, I painted on a few layers of gesso, sanding between each layer to get a nice smooth finish.  It’s the same process I’ve used on previous projects, so it went relatively quickly since I knew what to expect.

What I did not expect was what happened next.  I started spraying on the gold paint, and it looked like it was starting to bubble.  I assumed it was because of the cold so I moved from the garage to the basement, but the problem continued.  Apparently, despite having done this before, I was having a paint compatibility problem.  I waited for it to dry, then sanded down the bubbled area (which turned out to be an odd combination of bubbled and recessed).  Since I knew the spray paint primer I had was compatible with the spray gold I wanted to use, in my infinite wisdom I decided to spray a coat of primer over my gesso, then spray the gold on top of it.  Turns out the primer was less compatible, and melted my foam.

So after successfully resisting my urge to cry, I slathered on a crap ton of putty and let it dry overnight.  That brings us to today, where I’ve managed to sand it down, reprime it with gesso, and add the tape for the design.  I’m hand painting the gold on (since I don’t really have time to play the compatibility testing game for any other spray paints), and just accepting I won’t have a smooth finish.

That’s all I have for now.  I only have tonight and tomorrow really to finish this thing, and I still have to paint the gold, paint the design, and then add my strings.  Strings I still don’t exactly have a plan for…yikes!

(This post was mostly written on Thursday 10/17/13, but not posted until 10/20/13.)