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I missed two weeks, but it’s okay! It’s because I was in Austin having the most epic of epic weeks! IT WAS RTX TIME!

Okay I sort of lied. The first Monday I wasn’t technically in Texas yet, but I was flying out super duper early the next morning and was still packing like a crazy person, so my brain was in Austin.

I was there for a full week, Tuesday to Tuesday, and it was so awesome. Like super awesome. Super exhausting and draining, but so worth it. I got to meet so many awesome people, and had so many people recognize me from my work in the community. It was weird to have people walk up to me who I had never met before say “oh, you must be Zelda! It’s so great to meet you! You’re a huge inspiration to me!”

I spent the week as a Guardian, which is what they call the volunteers for the event. I was put on the PA team, which means I was responsible for keeping staff on schedule, fed, hydrated, and not-mobbed by groups of adoring fans. It was surprisingly busy, and I spent most of the convention up and moving (with a decent amount of straight up running). It was a lot of fun though. It was really cool to see the staff behind the characters they play in all their videos.

Probably the coolest part of the week was the final day of the convention after close. The Guardian team was working on clearing stuff out and we kept hearing a commotion out in the hall. When I finally left, I found out what it was: about 300 convention attendees had stayed behind and were cheering for all the volunteers as they exited the building. After spending the weekend literally having the job of crushing hopes and dreams when people wanted to meet staff while we were trying to get them somewhere, having that kind of reaction was phenomenal.

As exhausted and sore and totally drained as I was by the time I got home, I’m already super pumped to do it again next year. It sounds like I made a good enough impression that I will be invited back, so that’s exciting! It also sounds like the staff member I was assigned to really liked me, so I may luck out and get to revisit the same role. It’s a super competitive job, so the fact that I not only got to do it for my first year but may have secured it for the future is just amazing.

The RTX2014 Guardian Team!


Happy 4th Of July From Texas!

That’s right, TEXAS!

It’s finally time for RTX!

I have a badge, so obviously this is all official and crap.

We flew out of O’Hare, so we drove out to my parents’ last night both to give us a better starting point in the morning and to drop Grif off.  My mom and sister are doing us the favor of babysitting Grif again, although according to them we’re doing them a favor. I think they like having him just a little bit.  Makes it easy for us!

In the morning my wonderful sister did us yet another favor and drove us to the airport so we didn’t have to pay for parking.  After checking our lone bag, we made our way to the gate, making a point of looking around for anyone else who might be going to the event (dead giveaway: nerdy t-shirts).  We ended up finding 12 other people on our flight headed to the event!

After checking in to the hotel, we walked to the convention center to pick up our badges before meeting up with Geoff’s sister C.  That’s right, Geoff’s sister met us down here, which is doubly awesome since we haven’t seen her since our wedding last year!  We wandered the city a little, grabbed dinner at Frank (a place mentioned on a number of occasions in the RT podcasts), and snagged a spot on a hill to catch the fireworks.

The convention starts tomorrow and runs for 3 days.  Tickets sold out about a month ago, so this place is going to be packed.  We have a tentative plan of which panels we want to go see, but since we have no idea what is going to be on the floor it’s a bit of a fluid concept.  There’s one we know we have to go to on Sunday, the rest are sort of up for grabs.

We fly back on Monday, running to my parents’ long enough to grab some lunch and pick up Grif before driving back to MI.  It’ll be a long day, but with the money we saved on the flights and not having to board Grif I think it was worth it.  I guess we’ll see how I feel Monday night!  Don’t expect a post that’s too fantastical, I imagine it will likely look something like “ZOMG THAT WAS AWESOME I’M SO TIRED I CAN’T ZZZZZ…..”