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Last RTX Projects: Pretending I Can Paint

When I showed off my sewing projects, I mentioned I had two painting projects I was trying to cram in before RTX.  I’m waiting on the last bit of supplies for one, but at this exact moment I’m actually as done as I can be with everything, and I’m pretty happy with how it’s turning out!

1) Mass Effect Shoes

Since I’m working RTX I have a specific shirt I have to wear that labels me as staff.  This means no nerdy t-shirts for me.  I still wanted to find a way to express my nerdiness, so I decided to try my hand at something I’ve seen a lot of other people do: paint canvas shoes, using the Mass Effect series as my inspiration.  I picked up a pair of slip on canvas shoes for about $6, searched the bowels of the internet for images of my favorite characters that looked like I may be able to reasonably paint, bought some blue transfer paper, and essentially created my own paint by numbers scheme.  Here’s what I used at my templates:

Tali and Garrus

I picked a few other emblems that were relevant to the series to fill in some of the dead space, agonized over colors, and end up with this:

Not bad at all for someone who doesn’t really paint if I do say so myself!

2) Schedule Wristbands

I’m one of the personal assistant (PA) Guardians, meaning I am assigned to a particular staff member and am responsible for making sure they stay on schedule and don’t suffocate in a mob of fans.  In the past, the PAs have just had to keep a version of the schedule folded up in their pocket or bag, and by the end of the weekend it could get hard to read.  Someone suggested this year we get some of those wristbands that football quarter backs use, which was totally brilliant.  Some of us decided we wanted to give it a shot, me being one of them. I made a comment that I’d probably paint something on mine, which then prompted almost everyone who was ordering a wristband to ask me to do the same for them.  So now I have this:


I’m still waiting on 2 more wristbands to show up so I can paint those, but I’m done with all the ones I have!

And I leave in a week!  Yay!!