First Tattoo: 5/5 Stars, Would Do Again

Hey, so you remember, like literally a year ago I said I was going to get a tattoo (no joke…the post was June 29)?  Look what I did last week:

It certainly didn’t feel like butterfly kisses, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was afraid it was going to be.  I had two moments of creative swearing (thank you Archer) and I may or may not have threatened to punch a baby over one particularly sensitive spot, but overall it wasn’t terrible.  The fill felt worse than the outline,which was the opposite of what most people told me to expect.  Even when it comes to tattoo pain I have to be the weird one I suppose!

I was going to do it earlier in the year, but I wanted to wait until I had the job situation figured out (sort of silly to be spending money on a tattoo if I may have to up and quit my job at any moment, right?).  After that got settled I actually went to go talk to an artist at a particular shop, who proceeded to tell me all the reasons what I wanted to do was stupid for 10 minutes before wrapping up with “but if you want something boring and unoriginal in a really terrible spot I guess I can’t stop you”.  That…got in my head a little bit (what can I say, I tend to trust professional opinions pretty blindly), so I stepped back for a few weeks before I settled on “eff that guy” and went somewhere else.

The guy I ended up with was genuinely excited I was getting a Zelda tattoo and was super awesome during the session cracking jokes and making sure I was doing okay every once in a while.  Just for the experience of him alone I would go back and do more.  Which is convenient because my mom is talking about being serious about our joke of getting matching penguin tattoos.  I see an awesome Christmas time adventure in our future…

I’ve just now hit the itchy stage, so I’m kind of glad this is in just the perfect spot that I can’t really easily reach it.  It seems to be healing up nicely, and while I’m still getting used to it being there (I’ve sort of freaked out stepping out of the shower on more than one occasion) I’m really, really happy with it and so glad I did it.

In other news, today is our 2 year anniversary!  Yay!!


Sewing Projects: Done!

When I’m not pretending to be famous on the internet (although I do have over 100 subscribers on YouTube…just sayin’), I’ve been sewing like crazy.  Somehow, I magically finished all 3 pieces a month ahead of the deadline…something I neither anticipated nor thought was even possible.  All of them were related RTX, specifically the charity auction the RTSideQuest group runs to support Child’s Play.

To give you a brief explanation, RTSideQuest is a community run group that puts together extra events outside of convention hours for RoosterTeeth fans at conventions that have a major RT presence (PAX, RTX, etc).  Since RTX is a dedicated RT convention, it’s also where RTSQ has the most stuff going on.  One of these events is a charity auction the night before the convention actually starts, a formal event in a hotel ballroom with a silent auction of items and commissions donated by the community.  It’s curated so that there’s actually things that are worth while there, and you have to fill out a form detailing what it is you’re going to donate.  There’s been everything from custom art to signed game cases (game case = portable gaming center) to clothing, you name it.

1) The Apron

One of my RoosterTeeth friends a few months ago drew up some concept art for a series of aprons based on the outfits of some characters from one of the shows the company makes.  She lamented not knowing how to sew to make any of them a reality.  I chatted with her a bit, and we came up with a plan for me to make one and record some tutorial videos for her.  I ended up with a 6 part video series on it from start to finish, totaling about an hour’s worth of instruction.  Since I don’t really need another apron in the house, I decided I would donate the finished product to the auction since it was not only unique, but appropriate for the context of the event.

2) The Backpack

Yes, I made another backpack.  Someone actually asked me a year ago at RTX2013 if I would consider making one for the auction this year, and since I had the time and new subject matter to work with I thought it’d be a great idea.  This one didn’t take quite as much time since I stuck with outlines instead of filling in the images (the rose and snowflake would have just gotten too messy to be appealing anymore), and the assembly went a lot better since I knew more of what to expect after the experience of building the last two.  This is by far my best one yet.

3) The Dress

It’s a formal event, a girl needs a pretty dress!  I didn’t really have a summer appropriate formal dress, and I didn’t really feel like spending oodles of money on a new one.  While I was searching for patterns and fabric for the apron, I stumbled across a dress pattern I thought was really pretty and past some fabric I was in love with. It was sort of an obvious choice.  So, instead of $100 or more to buy a dress, I spent $38 on materials and the pattern (thank you coupons!) and made one custom just for me.  Bonus: I finally learned how to successfully sew invisible zippers!

I’m currently working on 2 more projects before RTX and trying my hand with some paint.  One project is not difficult in the slightest and is just filling in some block lettering…the other one?  I’m trying something I’ve never, ever done before.  It requires, like, actual painting skill.  I’m hoping with some creative tracing paper action I can pull it off.  And maybe a little luck.

TCoFTH: The Basement Bar

I know today is Tuesday, but I didn’t know that last night when I went to bed…holidays always screw me up.

One of the things we wanted in the basement was a wet bar.  Why?  Because we like to party, and if we don’t have to walk upstairs to refill our glasses that’s even better.  I’ll admit, I was a little nervous going into it, because I’m terrible at visualizing things and we were having to make a lot of blind decisions.  All we had to go off of was this:


I give Geoff most of the credit here.  He did most of the planning for it, I just weighed in with color and style choices when necessary.  He also did all the install (except for the countertop), so he’s kind of earned a million brownie points.   We went from that empty alcove thing to this:


I know, it looks like it could be out of a magazine or something.  At the very least I’m really excited to break it in.  Before you ask: no, I can’t reach the top shelf.  Pretty sure that was intentional…

Obviously, you are all invited to see this in person someday 🙂

TCoFTH: The Ugly Half Bath Is No More!

One of the projects that has been on our list since we moved in was to fix the half bath.  It’s the only bathroom on the main floor, so it sees a lot of use.  We kind of failed in the picture taking department, so I can’t show you how terrible it was, but I can tell you.

The vanity was a blonde/yellow wood with a maroon countertop, the walls were a dull moss green, and the floor tile was a red/green pattern.  Yeah, gorgeous right?

When I went to go visit my family in Arkansas a few weeks ago, Geoff decided it was time to do something about that bathroom.  He apparently took notes when we talked at Home Depot about what I’d eventually like to do to the bathroom, and decided redo it while I was gone.  It’s like we have a magazine shoot bathroom in our house now.

It's so pretty!

Awesome right?  It’s been a few weeks now, and I still get all happy when I go in there.  Which, you know, is a weird emotion to have when you go into a bathroom.

There’s other projects going on, both personal and on the house, so maybe if I can get back into the habit of posting here (like I haven’t said that before…) I can start showing you everything I’ve been up to!  Here’s a hint: my fingers hurt, my craft room is covered in 6 different kinds of fabric scraps, and I’m researching lavalier microphones.  Life be crazy ya’ll.