So you remember this fall when I wrote that post about the cancer scare?

Yeah, so, about that…

I had to go in for my follow up PAP to just double check things in May, and it came back abnormal yet again.  My doc thought that was just too plain weird, so she wanted to do another colposcopy and take biopsies whether or not she saw anything.  I went in for those right after RTX (like literally right after, I was home for a grand 8 hours), and sure enough she still didn’t see anything, so she just took a couple biopsies willy nilly.  Okay, I’m sure it wasn’t really willy nilly and there was some sort of strategy, but for all intents and purposes it was random; she was just taking things blindly since nothing looked suspicious.

Looks are deceiving my friends.

They all came back Stage I.

I don’t know anything else right now.  My first oncologist appointment is Wednesday morning, where I’m supposed to learn more about what exactly is going on and what my options are.  I know we’ve already ruled out the least aggressive form of treatment because of the number of spots, but that’s all I have right now.  I’ll be sure to keep you guys in the loop as stuff develops.  On the bright side, apparently a number of the top cancer treatment facilities in the US are nearby.

Who would have guessed this blog would go from wedding planning to cancer treatment?



I missed two weeks, but it’s okay! It’s because I was in Austin having the most epic of epic weeks! IT WAS RTX TIME!

Okay I sort of lied. The first Monday I wasn’t technically in Texas yet, but I was flying out super duper early the next morning and was still packing like a crazy person, so my brain was in Austin.

I was there for a full week, Tuesday to Tuesday, and it was so awesome. Like super awesome. Super exhausting and draining, but so worth it. I got to meet so many awesome people, and had so many people recognize me from my work in the community. It was weird to have people walk up to me who I had never met before say “oh, you must be Zelda! It’s so great to meet you! You’re a huge inspiration to me!”

I spent the week as a Guardian, which is what they call the volunteers for the event. I was put on the PA team, which means I was responsible for keeping staff on schedule, fed, hydrated, and not-mobbed by groups of adoring fans. It was surprisingly busy, and I spent most of the convention up and moving (with a decent amount of straight up running). It was a lot of fun though. It was really cool to see the staff behind the characters they play in all their videos.

Probably the coolest part of the week was the final day of the convention after close. The Guardian team was working on clearing stuff out and we kept hearing a commotion out in the hall. When I finally left, I found out what it was: about 300 convention attendees had stayed behind and were cheering for all the volunteers as they exited the building. After spending the weekend literally having the job of crushing hopes and dreams when people wanted to meet staff while we were trying to get them somewhere, having that kind of reaction was phenomenal.

As exhausted and sore and totally drained as I was by the time I got home, I’m already super pumped to do it again next year. It sounds like I made a good enough impression that I will be invited back, so that’s exciting! It also sounds like the staff member I was assigned to really liked me, so I may luck out and get to revisit the same role. It’s a super competitive job, so the fact that I not only got to do it for my first year but may have secured it for the future is just amazing.

The RTX2014 Guardian Team!

Last RTX Projects: Pretending I Can Paint

When I showed off my sewing projects, I mentioned I had two painting projects I was trying to cram in before RTX.  I’m waiting on the last bit of supplies for one, but at this exact moment I’m actually as done as I can be with everything, and I’m pretty happy with how it’s turning out!

1) Mass Effect Shoes

Since I’m working RTX I have a specific shirt I have to wear that labels me as staff.  This means no nerdy t-shirts for me.  I still wanted to find a way to express my nerdiness, so I decided to try my hand at something I’ve seen a lot of other people do: paint canvas shoes, using the Mass Effect series as my inspiration.  I picked up a pair of slip on canvas shoes for about $6, searched the bowels of the internet for images of my favorite characters that looked like I may be able to reasonably paint, bought some blue transfer paper, and essentially created my own paint by numbers scheme.  Here’s what I used at my templates:

Tali and Garrus

I picked a few other emblems that were relevant to the series to fill in some of the dead space, agonized over colors, and end up with this:

Not bad at all for someone who doesn’t really paint if I do say so myself!

2) Schedule Wristbands

I’m one of the personal assistant (PA) Guardians, meaning I am assigned to a particular staff member and am responsible for making sure they stay on schedule and don’t suffocate in a mob of fans.  In the past, the PAs have just had to keep a version of the schedule folded up in their pocket or bag, and by the end of the weekend it could get hard to read.  Someone suggested this year we get some of those wristbands that football quarter backs use, which was totally brilliant.  Some of us decided we wanted to give it a shot, me being one of them. I made a comment that I’d probably paint something on mine, which then prompted almost everyone who was ordering a wristband to ask me to do the same for them.  So now I have this:


I’m still waiting on 2 more wristbands to show up so I can paint those, but I’m done with all the ones I have!

And I leave in a week!  Yay!!

Extra Life 2014 – For The Kids!

Back in November I talked about Extra Life, the gaming community’s equivalent of Relay For Life.  Most of the funds were raised during the 24 hour gaming marathon, but they finished out the year at a record $3.7 million.  Some groups have already started fundraising for this year, but most groups are still in their planning phase.

This year I won’t just be supporting my favorite teams, I’ll be participating!  I am joining up with some of my fellow “The Forum Thread” podcast members to form “Team TFT”.  We will be doing a 24 hour gaming marathon on October 25th alongside gamers all over the world to raise funds for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals.  Our plan is to set up a live stream of our game playing adventures for the entirety of the 24 hours, each of us taking shifts for when we’ll be on camera.  We’re still building the team and making plans, but I’m really excited for it!  You can find my personal Extra Life campaign page by clicking here.

Also, only 15 days til I leave for RTX!  I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO.