About Me

Sooooo who are you?

My name is Jenn, specifically with 2 n’s (I’m sure one of these days I’ll explain why).  I’m in my mid 20’s, am incredibly indecisive, and come from what I like to call a “nomadic family” (I lived in 11 place by the age of 19).  I’m a scientist with degrees in both chemistry and physics (there’s that indecisiveness for you, I just couldn’t pick!) and have a habit of over analyzing EVERYTHING (hence the science degrees).  I met my mechanical engineering husband Geoff in one of said science classes, and it’s been nerdy history since.  We spent about 2 years being separated due to the jobs we started straight out of college, including the entire length of the engagement as well as a few months of our married life.  Now that we actually get to be together (what a concept!), we’re diving straight into all of the adventures that being married and still pretty young and inexperienced brings.

Some random tidbits about me:

  • My favorite TV shows are The Big Bang Theory and Phineas and Ferb (seriously, it’s the only good cartoon left on TV).
  • I’m a big fan of the Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Halo series.   (If you’re a Zelda fan, you should check out ZREO.  If you’re a Halo fan, you should check out Red vs Blue.)
  • Geoff and I are FSAE alumni and currently have an old car we bought from another school that we are rebuilding so we can race it.
  • I’m a sucker for Mahler and Stravinsky.
  • Now that we’re married, I am the shortest member of Geoff’s family by a good bit, and that’s to the next shortest member.  For the record, I’m 5′ 5″.  The best way for me to hug anyone is for me to stand on the bottom stair while they stand on the floor.  Yes, they are tall.  Really tall.

How did the blog get started?

I started the blog as a wedding planning tool.  It was a fantastic outlet as well as a fun way to share things I learned about the planning process that the magazines don’t dare tell you.  I kept it up for about a year, from a few months after the engagement to a few months after the wedding, but once all that was over I couldn’t bring myself to give up blogging.

So what’s going on now?

Since the wedding is over, there’s not much left for me to talk about wedding-wise.  There are probably a few stragglers as far as wedding topics go, but for the most part I have said anything I can possible say about planning a wedding.  Instead, the blog is going to focus now on life as an adult.  Or life as I try to figure out how to be an adult anyway.  There are many, many transitions coming to my life, and they’re the same kinds of transitions that many people my age are experiencing.  While this means the blog will definitely go more personal than the general wedding planning guide did, I think it’s worth talking about my experiences dealing with all these new changes.

I tend to use humor to diffuse situations, so you’ll likely see a healthy (question mark?) combination of seriousness, sarcasm, and straight up ridiculousness as I chronicle my adventures in pretending to be a grown up.

What’s with the name?

“Too Young To Be Old” came about during a conversation with friends about how we’re all getting old despite the fact that we’re in our 20’s still.  I mentioned that I couldn’t figure out my new phone by myself and I was pretty sure that was a sign of being way old, to which everyone nodded in agreement.  Later on in the evening I recounted a story from the week before where I saw a girl wearing sh0rts that didn’t seem to serve a purpose since they left her butt fully exposed, at the end of which I said “really, how did anyone let her out of the house like that?”  This caused the group to stare at my wide-eyed and go “oh my gosh, we ARE old!”  It’s sad, but apparently true.  Whether it’s because we just don’t think the same as the majority of our generation or that we’ve reached a maturity level most our age have yet to hit, we are in fact “old”.


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