Why The RoosterTeeth Community Is The Best

To clarify: my name on the RoosterTeeth site is LoZelda.

That’s right, a community based on gaming is the best community in the world.  Take THAT you stupid media outlets.

I know it’s sort of weird I’m posting on a not-Monday, but there is a very important reason this has to be said before the weekend.  A totally self-serving reason, but a reason nonetheless.

I have two ways of dealing with things: humor and talking about it as much as possible.  Sometimes I lean one way over another, but with this whole cancer thing I’ve been doing both.  It’s a scary thing, and part of that fear is in the mystery.  The more I talk about it, the less mysterious it gets, and that helps take the power away from the fear.  Throw in some laughter, and I’m able to spend most of my time firmly planted in “meh, shit happens” mentality.

In that spirit, I’ve been keeping the RT community up to date on what’s been going on.  It’s been extremely helpful for me to be able to dump all the information and emotions there, and I’ve had a number of people tell me that seeing me be so candid about the experience has been helpful/inspirational for them, so really it seems like everyone wins.  That said, the outpour of support I’ve gotten from them is staggering.  I’ve been flooded with messages wishing me well, offering encouragement and support, funny little jokes, and cute animal pictures.  The group I podcast with sent me flowers, two people from the RT Michigan group sent me a cute little gift basket with tea and related goodies in it, and one of my other good friends from the site sent me a box of homemade cookies with a pretty tin full of little slips of paper that had some short messages from other community members on them (how she gathered those without me knowing about it is beyond me).  It’s been incredible to have that kind of support from a group I constantly refer to as “my internet family.”

Monday I got a notification that I had been tagged in someone’s journal (RT has blog post type feature on the site), which is always a nice little surprise.  The little surprise turned massive pretty quickly.  One of my friends was worried about us and the financial strain the upcoming medical bills may bring us, so he decided he was going to do a 24 gaming marathon starting at 7PM Saturday (August 2) streamed live on Twitch as a sort of fundraiser effort, with any money donated during that period of time sent to us to help offset that cost.  The whole community has taken that idea and run with it, and are reposting it everywhere.  It’s all over the site, it’s making its way around Tumblr and the RT subReddit, it’s all over Twitter, people are making videos and posters…even some of the staff is getting in on it and posting it places.  Hell, I’m a freaking hashtag!  It’s insane…the whole thing is just insane.

Ilan put this together without my knowledge, so I have no idea what’s actually going to happen.  Apparently it’s chock full of surprises!  I’ll be in the stream chat as much as possible, and will be on the stream itself with him at the 12 hour mark for a bit and then again for the last hour.  I won’t be streaming game play myself, but I will be gaming here on my end while I keep an eye on the Twitch chat and stalk Twitter.

I wanted to share this not because I’m trying to be all “you should donate!”, but because I hope that any of you that are gaming inclined may stop by the stream to watch some of the game play action, and because I feel compelled to point out as often as possible how awesome the Rooster Teeth community is.  We always say we watch out for our own, I just never could have imagined to what degree that would actually go.


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