TCoFTH: The Ugly Half Bath Is No More!

One of the projects that has been on our list since we moved in was to fix the half bath.  It’s the only bathroom on the main floor, so it sees a lot of use.  We kind of failed in the picture taking department, so I can’t show you how terrible it was, but I can tell you.

The vanity was a blonde/yellow wood with a maroon countertop, the walls were a dull moss green, and the floor tile was a red/green pattern.  Yeah, gorgeous right?

When I went to go visit my family in Arkansas a few weeks ago, Geoff decided it was time to do something about that bathroom.  He apparently took notes when we talked at Home Depot about what I’d eventually like to do to the bathroom, and decided redo it while I was gone.  It’s like we have a magazine shoot bathroom in our house now.

It's so pretty!

Awesome right?  It’s been a few weeks now, and I still get all happy when I go in there.  Which, you know, is a weird emotion to have when you go into a bathroom.

There’s other projects going on, both personal and on the house, so maybe if I can get back into the habit of posting here (like I haven’t said that before…) I can start showing you everything I’ve been up to!  Here’s a hint: my fingers hurt, my craft room is covered in 6 different kinds of fabric scraps, and I’m researching lavalier microphones.  Life be crazy ya’ll.


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  1. Love the new bathroom!!! Cant wait to hear more about what is new in your life 🙂

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