Wishes Really Do Come True

Life is super busy and all kinds of stuff is going on and I’ll tell you about it at some point but I’m too excited about one thing in particular to talk about anything else so you’ll just have to wait and I’m super pumped and *deep breath* and I should probably slow down but…



I’ve been interviewing since the beginning of February for a spot at Geoff’s company.  It was recommended to me by someone there who actually used to work at the lab I was at and was therefore very familiar with that transition.  It was a 5 stage process, culminating in an onsite interview I did right before I left for a week to go visit my parents in Arkansas (which we’ll talk about later).  The other 2 candidates who were in the running were also spouses of current employees, so anything I might have gained with my connection to Geoff was pretty much wiped out.  Not really sure how I ended up with the position, but I’m certainly not complaining!

Friday was my last day at my crappy job, and I’m taking this week off to finish up my slew of projects before starting the new job next Monday.  In theory I’ll be able to start there with a clean slate and not have anything else on my plate, but in reality I’ll probably get distracted by video games and not actually get any of the rest of my projects done.  I blame Mass Effect.

ANYWAYS, despite being sick I’m super duper happy.  How are you?!


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    • Thank you! I’m excited 🙂 Hopefully without that hanging over my head my thought process will clear up and I’ll actually remember to make posts and stuff!

  1. YAY!!!! Congratulations x100000!!! I am so happy to hear that you are moving on!

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