TCoFTH: The Basement Part 2

How quickly this is going up is crazy impressive to me.  The electrician was in and out in one day (although he had to come back when we failed inspection since we didn’t have enough lights in the stairwell, oops!), all the HVAC is done, the framing is all done, all the insulation is in, and drywall started going up today.

The current plan is for everything to be done by the weekend, then it’s on us to do some more work before they can come back to button up.  We ordered cabinets this weekend for the wet bar, and those will be in in about 4 weeks.  We still need to pick a paint color (that should be fun…) and carpet, as well as tile for the bar back-splash.  Should be quite the adventure!

In other news, I have a few job applications going in tomorrow.  I have high hopes for these…fingers crossed!


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  1. wow what a huge difference already! that is such a cool project that you guys will love for so many year! cant wait to see it finished!!!

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