TCoFTH: The Basement – Part 1

Media Area - Before

When we moved in to the house, one of the big projects on the list was getting the basement finished.  We wanted a good hangout place to have friends over, and the bonus room ceiling makes it a bit hard to really use that as the entertaining space.  We’re keeping a small portion of it unfinished to use as storage, but 3/4 of it is getting dolled up to be the hangout spot.

Work started last Monday, with the crew coming in to move around some HVAC and get all the framing done.  Grif went to MIL’s house for the first day since the door was going to be open pretty much constantly so they could bring supplies in, but apparently he had fun following deer tracks all day.  We checked with the foreman about the rest of the week, and he gave us the okay to leave Grif loose in the house since the whole crew has dogs.  Supposedly he’s behaving himself despite all the noise, and judging by where we’re finding saw dust it appears they play with him a little too.

Bar Area - Before

They finished all of the framing and HVAC work last week, and expect to have all the drywall done by the end of this week.  Geoff met with the electrician today to get things planned out for our wet bar area, and that sounds like it’s good to go.  We also have the plumbing all set to go for the bar area.  Drywall will start going up at the end of the week and finish by the end of next, then we get to bribe friends with pizza and beer to help us paint!

Also?  I’m so over winter.  We’re currently getting “thunder snow”, how about you?


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