Why Am I So Bad At This All Of The Sudden?!

Seriously, how did I fall off the regular posting bandwagon so hard?  I’m going to guess it’s because nothing all that interesting has been happening, so I don’t get those “I can’t wait to share this!” moments anymore.

Figuring out how to record sewing tutorials in a way that works for me but also makes for a usable video is actually a lot more difficult than I anticipated.  Luckily we got a GoPro for Christmas, and the attachments for that actually work really well for setting it up at weird angles.  The bigger problem is setting it up so I don’t cast shadows on the parts I’m trying to point out, and keeping it zoomed in enough that you can actually see the small details I’m trying to talk about.  Definitely a lot of trial and error going on here.  More error than anything else.

The embroidery project took a weird turn.  I finished the outline for the most difficult shape (a snowflake), and I actually think I like it just as an outline (though that opinion may be tainted by my experience trying to outline it and my fears about trying to fill it).  For the time being I’m outlining the rest of the shapes, and then I’ll judge how I think it looks as just outlines.  If it works, then I can wrap up this project in about 1/5 of the time I anticipated it’d take me, which would be awesome.

The job situation is still dismal.  I have what I refer to as a perma-headache going on and can’t actually remember the last time I didn’t have some sort of headache going on.  The lab position I’ve been kind of banking on at Geoff’s company that’s been in the works for ages has been essentially put on hold indefinitely.  They’ve gone from saying they’re going to hire 3 people to maybe, maybe being able to hire 1 by the end of the year.   So now I’m back to looking full force at all options, though now I’m having a new struggle: I’m having a really hard time identifying the happy medium between desperation to leave this job and risking setting my career track back by taking any old job I can get.  I’ve found chemistry jobs, but they’re all 3rd shift tech spots that have low pay.  I found regular hour well-paying spots, but they’re desk jobs and definitely not chemistry.  I’ll admit, there’s a bit of an ego/pride struggle going on here as well.

I do have an application out to a brewery at the moment.  They’re looking for a new cellar operator, and chemists are a surprisingly good fit for a spot like that.  It’d at least be a cool way to stray from the lab, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed a bit on that one.

The YouTube channel is going pretty well.  Last time I actually checked I had 70 some subscribers, which is pretty good for a new channel.  I’m still trying to settle into a groove with it as far as what I want to put up there versus what other people have suggested I try.  It’s also surprisingly hard to talk to yourself out loud.  I figured since I talk to myself all the time in my head that the game play videos would be a piece of cake…apparently not.

On a partially related note, there’s a member of the Rooster Teeth community that has started producing “Epic Rap Battles of Rooster Teeth” similar to the “Epic Rap Battles of History”.  He’s gotten other community member together to make music and record lyrics that he writes, and they’ve been pretty fantastic.  This weekend I got to help out with one and voice what is probably my favorite female character of any series they’ve put out.  It’s certainly not perfect (let’s face it, I’m not exactly a rap master), but I had a ton of fun doing it and the feedback on the video has been awesome.  If you are so interested:

On another related note (can you tell I’ve been spending a lot of time with RT stuff?), I applied to be on the volunteer staff team at RTX this year (known as the Guardians).  They had 1600 applicants and choose 400, although anyone who was previously a Guardian got preference so it was really like 1400 people applying for 200 spots.  Notifications went out last week, and I get to join the team!  I’m super pumped about it, despite the fact that I’ve essentially just volunteered to be the bad guy and exhaust myself beyond reason for 3 days straight.  I’ll find out which sub-team I’m on in April.  Woohoo!


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  1. I missed you Welcome back to blogging 🙂

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