New Plan For The New Year

Considering all the things currently going on as far as personal projects go I think it’s time to, at least temporarily, amend my posting schedule for the blog here.

I have started a YouTube channel for all my Rooster Teeth happenings, which if you are so inclined you can visit by clicking here.  I am making game play videos, as well as sewing tutorials for people who are interested in cosplay.  I’m really excited to be doing this, but between recording and then editing a lot of my time is going into it.  On top of that, I have another backpack I’m starting to embroider as well as at least one other sewing project, and I’m spending obnoxious amounts of time at work.

I also feel like a lot of this won’t be particularly interesting to the audience here, and there certainly won’t be enough to warrant two or three posts a week.  So, for the time being, I will be pulling posts back to Mondays only.  Hopefully this will be temporary and I figure out my time management and project management enough that I can post more often.

So, as for a quick update on life: went to a wedding this weekend which was definitely interesting.  We were at a country club place that had a horse jumping arena visible by the bar.  I spent a large portion of the evening watching horses…it was awesome.  Also?  The pheasant on the wreath looked like it could use some jazzing up.

How’s life for the rest of you?


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  1. I am conflicted… I’m happy that things are going so well with the Rooster Teeth stuff (I checked out your YouTube Channel!) but I’m also sad because I will miss you on here! :-/

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