TCoFTH: The Dining Room, It Lives!

So it has been forever since I’ve had any kind of house update.  It’s not because I’m behind on house posts, we just literally hadn’t done any work on the house in ages.

Geoff has had a lot of time off lately (because his job is awesome), so he geared up to finally tackle putting the wainscot trim up.  We still have some painting to do, but this kind of looks amazing.

I can’t wait til it’s all done!  We found a nice table set we like, we just have to convince ourselves to spend the money.  It’s Amish built, so it’s definitely heirloom quality, it’s a large purchase and we get uncomfortable with large purchases really quickly…

Are you guys ready for the new year?!


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  1. beautiful! solid, good tables are worth the investment. We adore ours! Of course it was a craigslist find that my mom refinished so it was a steal…new are pretty pricey! Cannot wait to see the final pics!!!

    happy new year!

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