Christmas, Cookies, and Chaos

So I sort of missed a couple posts there last week…my bad.  Things got a little hectic.  In addition to the normal pre-Christmas chaos, we had the added bonus of MIL spending several days in the hospital thanks to some really severe abdominal pain.  Everything is fine now (in theory), but man it was a crazy couple of days.  Here’s a brief summary of the last week to kind of get you up to speed:

  • I made these: 
  • My parents not only had to leave late to drive up here thanks to a meeting my dad had to be at, their 13 hour drive ended up being 18 hours.  They didn’t actually get in until 8AM Christmas Eve.
  • It was a very Zelda Christmas.  I am perfectly okay with that.  
  • In general, my family spoiled me rotten for no reason.  You all suck, in the best possible way.  I’ve got sweet video editing software, awesome bakeware, and a new game series to tackle.
  • Best winter drink ever: A shot of Fireball Whiskey mixed with Angry Orchard.
  • My mom and I made about 18 dozen cookies.  And a bunch of other treats.

  • I finished the new backpack for the Rooster Teeth crew member.  It should get there by Monday!  Time to take a break from projects for a while…
  • The job search continues, although the light at the end of the tunnel has temporarily turned back on. The position at Geoff’s company seems to have a timeline now finally.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!  At the very least, I hope it wasn’t as stressful!


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