Dresses And Boss Fight Round 2

I sort of missed the post on Monday…oops?  I promise it was worth it though!  I was getting a visit from my bestest friend LK.

I took the day off, and she came over from the other side of the state so we could go dress shopping!  We went out to lunch (where I traumatically lost a button on my favorite coat) drove up to one of the bigger malls to try to find something to wear for that wedding I talked about a while ago.  For whatever reason, we were both in very purple-y moods.

We both ended up finding dresses that made us happy, though I was really hoping to find one I liked that was on the longer side.  No matter, I have a nice, not-black dress, and it only cost me about $50!  I figure I’ll get some black pantyhose to winter it up a bit, along with a shrug (I’m thinking a pewter color).  She spent the night (hence no post), so we took her to one of our favorite new breweries in the area. They have some pretty good beer (my favorite is a vanilla porter), and some awesome food.

Going back a few days, Friday I went in to talk to my boss about that nasty stuff I didn’t feel comfortable working with.  He tried to fight me on it, but I cut him off with a simple “look, I know you think it’s not a big deal, but I don’t feel comfortable with it, so I’m not going to do it.”  He was obviously not happy, and spent the rest of the day pissed off, but he agreed to get one of the guys to do it, so yay!

Anywhoodles, Christmas is just around the corner!


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