What To Wear, What To Wear…

In January a good friend of mine is getting married back in my “hometown”.  I’m super happy for them both and am so glad to be invited to witness the celebration.

But now I get to have a selfish worry: what do I wear?!

I have been to exactly 2 weddings in the recent past where I was a guest and not in the bridal party.  One was a backyard summer thing with very clear “if you show up in heels or a dress I will shame you in front of your family” dress code.  The second was a month ago when it was not cold, but not really warm, so it was easy to wear my classic black dress and throw on a jewel colored shawl and say I was good to go.

I have no idea what to do when someone isn’t telling me what to wear.  What do you wear to a dead-of-winter wedding?

They do say you should wear long dresses in winter…

My best friend LK is also invited to the wedding and is finding herself lost as well, so we’re going to go shopping together next week in an effort to find something.  I figure in a worst case scenario I could go the LBD route again, but it’s going to be harder to pull off trudging through snow.

Any fashionistas out there have some helpful hints?



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  1. I recently went to a fall wedding and had a similar problem. I figured that darker colors would be appropriate for a fall/winter wedding so I got a teal dress with black lace. I also knew that it would be warm inside for the wedding but cold outside getting to the wedding so I got a dress that was knee length and then wore tights with it!

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