Secret Saturday: What Christmas Time Looks Like In Our House

On Thursday I promised a tour of our holiday decorations, so a tour you shall get!

Our tree lights went on the fritz after we got it all set up and the colored lights at the top mysteriously stopped working.  We tried replacing bulbs and checking wiring to no avail…and sometimes they just randomly come back on.  This was not one of those times.

The shadows are a little weird here, but our fireplace is looking pretty classy.

Geoff gets major kudos for the garland in the kitchen.  We needed just the right length that it was impossible to actually just buy what we needed, and we have a random cabinet that’s off by itself.  Geoff actually cannibalized some light strands and rewired things so that it could all be lit up!

Since we ripped out all of our landscaping this summer and never replaced it, we didn’t really have too much of a canvas for outside lights.  We did what we could though, and for a first year with hand-me-down lights it’s not too shabby!

Do you have your Christmas decorations up?


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  1. Awesome! It looks great! 😀

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