It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Last year, Christmas was about getting the house to look like a house.  This year, it’s time to actually make the house look Christmas-y.  The tree is up and decorated, lights are outside, the mantle holds our stockings and some cute penguins, and there is garland up in the kitchen on top of the cupboards.  You will get a full tour later, but for now I want to show you my awesome project!

This was my inspiration:

I love the way these things look, and it looked super simple to do.  So I decided that this Christmas I’d finally do it.  I spent weeks (I kid you not, weeks) searching for the perfect ornaments before I finally stumbled across a collection at Target that had an awesome color palette.

I cannibalized a wire hanger, straightened out one end to make it easy to string ornaments on and hooked one end to keep them from immediately flying off the other end.  I took my ornament pile and laid them out is the order I wanted to put them on the hanger.  I tried to keep a constant rotation of colors and textures, but I did have to sort of edit it on the fly because of the way they bunched together once they were on the hanger.

As the wire filled up, a few of the ornaments popped off their toppers (but it’s okay, they’re shatterproof!).  A little hot glue reattached them no problem.  I smooshed the ornaments down to get a tight loop, then put the hooked end of the hanger around the straight end, and twisted the straight end around to lock it in place.  I attempted (and mostly failed) to make some sort of bow to help cover where the hanger joint was, and voilà!

Minus the bow part, it was super easy.  Definitely a recommended project!


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