Aaaaaaaand They’re Off

It’s official, the moving truck is loaded and my parents are spending the night on an air mattress.  They decided on a move date and a rental house to move into, and by a stroke of luck they finally sold their house (sort of mostly) so they didn’t have to walk from it.  They took possession of the rental yesterday, and are going to be up and on their way down to Arkansas tomorrow.  My sister has all her essentials moved into her rental space for the next 6 weeks before she goes to join them.

This was something that was first in conversation something like 18 months ago, so this is not a shocker.   Of course, this was coming for so long you stop really thinking it’s going to happen.

I didn’t have any kind of emotional attachment to the house since they didn’t move into it until I was in college, so I’m not upset about losing the place.  Losing the closeness though, that’s what gets me.  But we’ve hashed that over and over again, so I will spare you the sob story.

I’m happy for my parents that they’ll be together again, and that this whole ordeal is mostly behind them.  Hopefully the plan for them to come up for Christmas will work out and I will see them then.  Until that point, I’m going to try to put on my big girl panties and stop feeling all mopey about it.

In other news I’ve stabbed the same finger so many times over the last 24 hours doing my embroidery that I think my body has just given up delivering blood to that particular appendage.


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