No Pressure: Thanksgiving Desserts

I’ve been fortunate enough the last few years that Geoff and I have been able to share the holiday with my family, even if it was just by default because his parents went on a trip somewhere.  This will be the first year I don’t do Thanksgiving with my family.  It’s a little weird…

I have established myself as the Queen dessert maker with Geoff’s family, so once it was decided that we would be spending the holiday with them, I was asked if I would be so kind as to contribute the desserts.  I will obviously never turn down a request that means I get to make a mess in the kitchen, so I was happy to have the opportunity.

I’m going to make the two pies my mom always makes for Thanksgiving: a simple pumpkin pie, and her signature chocolate harvest nut pie.  I have never made a pie before, so I’m a little nervous knowing what kind of standard I have to live up to!

If my pies fall apart, I’m going to make these instead. They’re so cute you almost won’t notice the disturbing lack of pie.

Since I’ve never made a pie before, I’m cheating a little and using a rollout dough and just focusing on perfecting the fillings.  I figure if I can pull them off successfully this time around, that come Christmas I can try to make my own crust.

Are you making anything for Thanksgiving?  Anyone on turkey duty?


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