Secret Saturday: Internet Friends Are The Best

Today was awesome.  Do you know why?

I got to meet some of my internet friends in person.

And we played laser tag and raced go-karts.

I am the admin for the Michigan group on the Rooster Teeth website, and at the request of several members I organized a meet up.  There had been one in October on the other side of the state, so people wanted one on this side to even out some of the travel requirements.  We decided it’d be fun to have a little friendly “Red vs Blue” laser tag match, and it took off from there.

I’ll spare you all the details, but it was a blast.  There were 9 of us total and for 3 hours we shot each other with beams of light, raced indoor go-karts, made a multitude of inside jokes, and sort of totally embarrassed one of our crew when his dad called.  Advice for you: if you’re hanging out with internet people, never answer your phone; they will make you regret it.  Also whoever is on the other end of the call will start to question their friendship with you.


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