Short post tonight, because I am utterly exhausted.  My favorite 24-hour project is back, so I’ve been doing long days starting at 4AM again all week.  This morning I tried to put on my pants like it was a shirt.  And it took me more than 10 seconds to figure out what I was doing wrong.

If that is not a clear enough indicator, I’ll say it straight out: the situation at work has not improved.  The poor new guy was actually at work until I showed up at 4 AM yesterday.  He went out to his car to sleep for 4 hours, then came back and started working again.  One of our other analysts managed to find another job and is leaving next Friday, which leaves us with just 4 people in the lab and two “departments” that each have one person in them.  One of the microbiologists they just hired 3 months ago is already gone.

The paperwork we’ve been waiting on for me to move to Geoff’s company has finally gone through, and the position will be officially opened in the new year.  I’m still looking for other positions, but as far as long term fit goes this sounds like the best option.  The obvious downside is I have to wait for it to open.

Aaaaand bed time.


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  1. Wow! That’s exciting that you’ll be starting a job at Geoff’s company soon! No more crazy 4 am starts! Booo….

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