Old News Is New News

It has been a long, long time since I mentioned my parents’ move.  As a refresher (I can’t even find the last post I talked about it in to link it), my dad got a new job in Arkansas about 14 months ago.  He moved down there to start the job, while my mom and sister stayed behind to sell the house, then pack it up to move.

Don’t worry, my parents will be more organized than this.

The short version of the story is that nothing has changed since that happened.  For the last 14 months my parents have been separated, with my dad coming up to visit for a few days every 6 weeks or so.  14 months.  It’s ridiculous.

My parents have had two offers on the house, but due to a variety of reasons (some legitimate, most absolute bull-feces) the banks involved have refused to accept either of the offers.  Since the relocation money my dad’s new company gave him has run out, they couldn’t continue to pay rent for him and their mortgage, so they have been forced to stop paying the mortgage and walk from the house.

On the one hand, they will get to all be together again.  It is ridiculous this has gone on as long as it has, and it has certainly taken its toll on them.  To be able to do something as simple as eat dinner together will be a blessing.

On the other hand, our irritation with the system is through the roof.  A real estate lawyer had to get involved in the process, and when the lawyer actually says “your biggest mistake is continuing to pay your mortgage while you try to sell the house” you know there is a problem.  The system is setup the help those who abuse it, and those who try to abide by it get screwed.  Since the bank was still getting money, it had no incentive to do anything otherwise, so now my parents are going to have this black mark on their record simply because they tried to do the right thing and pay their obligations.

And on the third hand (that’s right, three hands) selfish me is also sad.  They haven’t been right around the corner exactly, but I could decide to go back for the weekend to spend time with my mom and sister (and on a few lucky occasions my dad).  We’re going this weekend to pick up the last of my things hiding in the house, and that will be the last time I get to do that.  They are hopefully going to come up here for Christmas, but who knows when I will see them again after that and we’re not even sure they’ll be able to make the trip anyways.  Guess I had to let it go eventually, right?

How’s everyone else doing?  Any plans in the making for Thanksgiving?


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