Secret Saturday: I Wish I Was This Popular In Real Life

If I could, I would spend all day online.  Not just looking at cat videos mind you, but something almost as bad.  I could pretty much live in my online community if I didn’t have to be a responsible adult and work and stuff.

It is no secret I’m a big Rooster Teeth fan.  I like the content, I like the designs they make for products since they give me good things to work with on my own projects, and I like the community.  There are about 1.6 million registered users on the site, taking part in conversations about all things nerdy in the forums and posting personal journals to show off their artwork/videos/costumes/etc.  It’s kind of like a specialized Facebook.

You have the option of doing a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down” on any posting you see, with that feeding into your ability to use the site in various ways (if you’re constantly a jerk and getting negative points, you lose your ability to post for a while).  I am very active on the site, popping in and out of a variety of forums and constantly perusing the journals that people post.  Because of this, I get a lot of exposure to a lot of different people.  Apparently these people like me because I have gotten so many positive points that I have been in the list of Top 100 popular users for the last few weeks.

It’s almost sad how excited I get when I see that I’m in that list.  I love that I can be such a big part of that huge community though.


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