Adventures In Tattoo Decisions

Recap: a few months ago I talked about my struggles trying to figure out where to place a tattoo that I want.  A few weeks after that, I posted this picture of me using the wonderful world of the internet to make a custom temporary tattoo and trying it out in one of my locations under consideration.

Recently I finally got around to trying out another one.  This one was a little weird because it’s the one I expected to like, and thought would be the best logistically…on my lower back.

It’s okay there, I guess.  It wasn’t bad, but I wasn’t excited about it.  If I put it low enough that it looked good with something like a bikini bottom, it was peaking out of my jeans just enough to be confusing.  If it was high enough to be over my jeans, it looked downright ridiculous in a swim suit. I sort of split the difference for the actual test, but I don’t think that really mattered in the end.  I just wasn’t a fan.


So, I think that one is off the table.  I think I’ve also removed the shoulder from the running; the more I’ve thought about it the more I’ve realized that it will either always be completely covered or just sort of showing.  It will be rare for it to be completely exposed, and that’s just sort of silly.  I’m throwing the hip and ankle into the mix, though I have the same concerns about the hip that I did my shoulder.

The more I look at it, the more I actually really like the upper back placement.  I’m still concerned about visibility in situations where I’d need to be able to cover it, but outside of that restriction it’s kind of growing on me.

P.S. I have the weirdest collection of recommended tags right now…”San Antonio Spurs”, “State governments”, and “Tyson’s Corner, Virginia”.


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  1. I am a fan of the first pic…and since I do have and inner ankle tattoo and LOVE that spot I have to say that spot also gets my vote 🙂 When I was looking at placement I just printed a pic of mine and taped it in different places (and sizes) to get a visual. Good luck!!!

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