For The Kids!

This weekend was the official run of Extra Life, the gamers’ equivalent of Relay for Life.  It’s a 24 hour gaming marathon (this year 25 thanks go daylight savings) with the ultimate goal of raising money for a hospital in the Childrens’ Miracle Network.  People can form their own teams, but there is no limit to the number of people a team can have so many are headed up by various recognizable organizations in the nerd community with an open invite for anyone to join.

Rooster Teeth had a team, and for the duration of the marathon streamed their banter and their game play.  They ran various contests throughout the stream (like giveaways at certain milestones), and the head of the company even offered to personally match all donations made in a 15 minute window (he’s now out about $20,000).  While money could be donated prior to the marathon, and can still be donated now through the beginning of December, the crew raised $183,000 over the course of 25 hours.  They also were selling special posters, most of the proceeds of which will also be donated, bringing their total to over $300,000!

Overall, Extra Life raised $3.4 million dollars.  That’s a huge, huge sum of money, and it’s so awesome to see the gaming community come together to support a cause like that.

I donated what I could, and watched as much of the RT stream as I could.  As individuals we may not have made much of a difference, but as a community we made one hell of an impact.  I’m so happy that I can be a part of it.

If you want to donate to a hospital near you, check out the main Extra Life link here.  If you don’t know who to donate to, here’s the page for the RT team who was raising funds for Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas to help them get an MEG to treat brain tumors and other head related conditions.


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