The Dreaded Christmas List

I’m pretty sure I complained about it last year.  I’m certain I will complain about it again in years to come.  It doesn’t really matter, because it will always hold true: Geoff is impossible to shop for.

He insists he’s easy, then you ask him if there’s anything he wants, and he says no.  Then you get all sneaky and log into his computer and check his bookmarks and the cheapest thing he’s got tagged is a $1200 shuffleboard table.

Now I should point out that I am completely awesome and already have his Christmas present, and it’s one of those “he doesn’t even know he wants this but he’s going to pee his pants in excitement” kind of presents, so I’m pretty proud of myself.  But his family and my family are already asking for help figuring out what to get him, and the thing I already bought is literally the only thing I could think of.

You see what you’re doing to me Geoff?

He asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I actually had a couple of things I could tell him because I’m a nerd and I like video games and baking.  Due to a series of jokes prompting me to do so, I even wrote them out in a letter to Santa.  Complete with colored pencils!  And full of witty humor!

This is not my actual letter. My handwriting isn’t quite that awful. Close, but not quite.

Also notice how it’s not even November yet and I’ve already resorted to sneakiness to try to figure this out?  That’s how it is with this guy, you have to start early if you hope to get anything out of him.  I’m fully expecting December 23rd he’ll suddenly mention something “obvious” that “of course” he wanted.  Jerk.

Are you easy or hard to shop for?  How about your other half?


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