Secret Saturday Missed Post: OMG I FINISHED

I can’t believe it!  I actually got it finished!

I finished painting one side on Thursday night, did touch ups in the morning, then painted the other side first thing when I got home on Friday.  I was doing touch ups through this morning, and it is certainly not perfect, but honestly you can’t really tell unless you’re holding it and looking at it.

For the strings I ended up using stiff wire.  I used some pins to mark where they needed to be placed, then ran the wire pieces through the top bar down to the bottom portion of the harp.  Once the bottom of the wire was placed correctly, I pushed the wire down so about 1/4 a centimeter of it was in the foam.  For the holes that left in the top bar, I just covered them with paint.  I probably should have used putty, and you can kind of see where they went in, but I was short on time and it was a “good enough” sort of fix.

My sister is on her way (should be here any minute), and then we’ll get ourselves all nerded up and ready to go!  SO EXCITED FOR THE SHOW!

(This post was mostly written on Saturday 10/19/13, but not posted until 10/20/13.)


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