Thursday Missed Post: Crunch Time

The Symphony of the Goddesses show is in two days.  I have the entire costume finished, with the exception of the harp.

Oh geeze the harp.

I’m carving the harp out of insulation foam.  I found a pattern online, traced it, and with the help of my wonderful husband cut it out and started to shape it.  It was tricky, but lucky me Geoff has a wide variety of tools in the garage that I was able to raid.  Between the sand paper, exacto knife, and assorted files, I managed to get it pretty close.

To prep it for paint, I painted on a few layers of gesso, sanding between each layer to get a nice smooth finish.  It’s the same process I’ve used on previous projects, so it went relatively quickly since I knew what to expect.

What I did not expect was what happened next.  I started spraying on the gold paint, and it looked like it was starting to bubble.  I assumed it was because of the cold so I moved from the garage to the basement, but the problem continued.  Apparently, despite having done this before, I was having a paint compatibility problem.  I waited for it to dry, then sanded down the bubbled area (which turned out to be an odd combination of bubbled and recessed).  Since I knew the spray paint primer I had was compatible with the spray gold I wanted to use, in my infinite wisdom I decided to spray a coat of primer over my gesso, then spray the gold on top of it.  Turns out the primer was less compatible, and melted my foam.

So after successfully resisting my urge to cry, I slathered on a crap ton of putty and let it dry overnight.  That brings us to today, where I’ve managed to sand it down, reprime it with gesso, and add the tape for the design.  I’m hand painting the gold on (since I don’t really have time to play the compatibility testing game for any other spray paints), and just accepting I won’t have a smooth finish.

That’s all I have for now.  I only have tonight and tomorrow really to finish this thing, and I still have to paint the gold, paint the design, and then add my strings.  Strings I still don’t exactly have a plan for…yikes!

(This post was mostly written on Thursday 10/17/13, but not posted until 10/20/13.)


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