Costumes and Lesbians

I’m helping my friend AM with her daughter’s Halloween costume.  She wants to be The Flash, but she’s only 2 and still wants to be a princess at the same time.  So, thanks to some Pinterest searching, we found some inspiration that made her happy.

We came up with a plan and went out together this weekend to get materials for it.  We grabbed a shirt to butcher, elastic, rhinestones, ribbon, and a boat load of glittered tulle.  While we’re walking around, a gentleman who appeared to be in his late 60’s walks past and starts talking to the 2-year-old.  He asks her what she’s going to be for Halloween, then asks “are you being a good girl for your mommies?”

Yep, he totally thought we were a couple.  Both of us started to open our mouths, but then decided it really wasn’t worth the trouble of correcting it.  Maybe if he had been a jerk about it I would have corrected it before laying into him, but since he seemed so accepting of the idea that we might actually be a couple I didn’t want to ruin the moment. We got a good laugh out of it though.

Probably didn’t help we were sort of dressed the same.  Score one for slob clothes!

I showed her how to make a tutu (fun fact: never actually done it before, but if you Google something enough you can sound like an expert), gave her a few other tips, and left her to her own devices.  I’ve seen a few work-in-progress pictures, and so far it’s looking pretty good!  I’ll be excited to see the finished product.

Are you making any costumes this year?  What has been your favorite from a past year?



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