When The Chips Are Down The Buffalo Is Empty

I’ve decided I’m in the wrong line of work.  Apparently, as a meteorologist you can be wrong most of the time and keep your job, and as a congressman you can just not do your job at all and still get paid.

As of Tuesday our government is in a partial shutdown, with each side point their finger at the other saying “it’s their fault”.  Usually I can say there is equal blame, that being so stubborn is just stupid and the cost to the people is not worth the fight they wage.  However, in this case, I’m going to side against the Republicans for this stalemate for a very simple reason.
It’s a law.  The government has gone into shutdown because they don’t like a law that was put into place 3 years ago.  You may not like it, but it passed a majority vote in the House and the Senate, was approved by the president, and has been examined by the Supreme Court and ruled to be constitutional.  It has been up for repeal vote 42 times (as of September 13, 2013) and has still been upheld.  It has literally seen every facet of our democratic process.
The game is over.  You’ve made your point, you’ve had your fight, but it’s over.  If it’s as terrible as you say it is, it will crash and burn, and then you will have your support to repeal/defund/whatever it. While it may not be incredibly popular, polls show the Affordable Care Act typically has a majority support amongst the population.  The exchanges have crashed since their launch because so many people are trying to use them.
No it isn’t perfect.  It needs help.  But the process has spoken.  Multiple times over no less.  It’s time to focus on other things.  No business, organization, or household could operate the way Congress seems to want to run the government; it’d fall apart.  Ideology needs to step to the side and let realism take over for a while.
Our government currently sounds like an elementary school classroom trying to have a class pet.  The class voted, and they got a hamster.  About 40% of the class didn’t want a hamster, so they continuously bring up the fact that they should get a different pet, but when asked what they would like instead they say “I don’t know, but I don’t want that one.”  And now they’ve said “okay, fine, we can keep the hamster, but I don’t think we should pay for the hamster.  No more food, or bedding, or little weird treat logs that look questionable.”  The teacher and the remaining 60% of the class think this is silly, you can’t just not pay for the hamster, majority ruled on it.  So the 40% now says that the majority is being unreasonable, that they should compromise, and if they won’t then they’re just going to refuse to do anything and completely stall out the class, but they still expect their pizza party on Friday.

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