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I wish cheese wasn’t so expensive.

Not “regular” cheese, I mean the fun cheeses.  We use havarti on sandwiches and feta on salads.  When we’re feeling fun we’ll get some parmesan to grate on pasta, and one of our favorite snack cheeses is a red leicester.  We like cheese in this house.

I always look at the cheese display near the deli counter when we go grocery shopping, and I always want to try stuff.  I don’t know why, but cheese just always sounds tasty.  Of course,  I never end up getting any of them, partially because I wouldn’t know what to do with them but mostly because they cost more than I feel okay spending on a taste experiment.

Anyone have any recommendations for stuff we should try?



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  1. We are cheese fiends! Matt has lots of cheese experience and so our fridge is stocked at any given time with at least 10-12 varieties. Our standbys that we use daily (and buy at costco in large blocks) are Pecorino Romano (grated on pasta or salads), and Dubliner irish cheddar (on soup, on bread, with crackers, munching in general). Both are amazing. For “special” cheeses Matt loves blue and strong, but I tend to prefer more mild cheeses. Some of our favorites that we both love are: St. Andre (amazing at room temp with crackers), Port Salut (soft, easy to eat with an orange rind). Give them a try! Many stores have a discount cheese section too for selling off older pieces. Cheese is old! Much of it lasts MUCH longer than the sell buy datae (yes, we have cheese in our fridge from before Matt and I even MET!) so these are a cheaper way to try random stuff. Goodd luck! Have fun!

  2. I love cheese! Fortunately/unfortunately, our local grocery store started up this cheese shop inside. It is amazing! So many different kinds of delightful, yet expensive cheese. They also have this $5 or less bin with samples of all their cheese. I’m pretty sure it’s a trick to get us hooked (and it works) but it’s also nice because Cobalt and I can try all different kinds. One of my favorite soft cheeses is Port Salut. So yum with crackers. I also loooove dubliner cheddar (I just looked at Lauren’s comment and apparently we have similar cheese tastes!). I used to use it to make amazing Mac and cheese when I was in college. Yum! I think my biggest problem is that I will have a delicious cheese somewhere and then never be able to find it again. Booooo cheese. Where did you go?!

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