Work Update: Surprise! It Still Sucks

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about the job situation.  There have been some developments, so it’s probably worth sharing.

The woman who was on maternity leave decided she didn’t want to come back and quit.  This was expected by everyone who was paying attention, so of course it took management completely by surprise.  Shortly after that, the other woman in that department went on medical leave.  The short version is that she has MS, the stress of our terrible work environment made it flare up really badly, and then she ended up with a secondary infection from an IV port she had for a treatment, which made it hit a terrible new low where she couldn’t feel her entire left arm and her balance was so off that she would fall over but not know she was falling until she hit something.  It was bad.

Then that department was empty.  I finished out the 24 hour project, and then essentially stepped into that department to try to cover the workload there while working in my own department.  About a month ago we hired someone to replace the new mom, and he’s been thrown into it so far and so head first I feel bad for him.  He admitted last week he already hates it.  I got word from the woman on medical leave that she has decided she won’t be coming back either.  Again, expected, but still tough to deal with.

So now we’re even more understaffed, and I’m still searching for a new job.  The one I mentioned a while ago that I was excited about went to someone else.  I’ve been working with HR at Geoff’s company, and they have a spot that sounds like it’ll be great for me, but they have no idea when they will actually be able to hire for it.  Originally it was this summer, then it was this fall, and now it’s Q1 of next year.  I’m still looking, but it’s hard to find something that isn’t on a weird shift or a low paying temp position.

I’m running the 24 hour project again (YAY RIGHT?!), then I’m on training duty for the new guy while juggling the two departments, and trying to not lose my sanity at home.  It’s all compounded by stuff going on outside of work as well, but that’s a story for later.

How are all of your busy lives?


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