I Heard You Like Posts, So I’m Posting About Not Posting

So I guess this is sort of a post, but it’s a post explaining why I’m not writing an actual post…so I guess it’s a semi-post?

I just want you to know I thought about you.  I did, really.  That’s why I’m here right now.  But you see, I don’t really have a good topic lined up because my head is full of half formed “woe is me” thoughts that are only broken up by what is either the beginning of a massive migraine or a small team or semi trucks trying to drive out of my head via my eyeballs.

A lot has been going on, and it’s turned me into a bit of an emotional basket case.  At some point when I don’t feel like I have to physically use my hands to keep my eyes in my head and can form a complete sentence that doesn’t involve sobbing I’ll fill you in.

For now, I leave you with this.


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