Secret Saturday: Not Winning The Lottery

I’ve often joked with Geoff and other family members about what I/we could do with oodles and oodles of money if we won the lottery.  And by “joked” I mean I lead a pretty boring life because the first things on my list are our debt, family debt, and scholarship funds at my alma mater.  If I had to do something frivolous I’d probably buy a Tesla.

Proof that eco-friendly can be sexy.

But with how job stuff has been going lately both for myself and for other people I care about, those jokes have turned into actual conversations.  I am not kidding when I tell you Geoff and I have an actual laid out plan for various levels of lottery winning.  We know people who bust their rears in their respective jobs and don’t get much in return that we have plans to help, we have plans for family, and for ourselves, and for what to do with the leftovers.  We know what minimum amount we need to “go to zero” and wipe out our debt.  There’s an actual plan.

So now it’s super depressing every time numbers come and go.

Like, I am so into the idea of all the things I could do and people I could help that I am legitimately disappointed every Saturday that I don’t get to pretend to be Oprah.

Who doesn’t like humpback whales?

I’d still want to have a job of some kind, because I know that after enjoying that first month or two of freedom I’d get dangerously bored, but it’d be fantastic to literally have the freedom to do whatever I wanted.  I could totally afford to take the time to figure out the system for selling my kitchen creations.  Or my mom and I could fulfill our dream of playing with puppies all day long and open a doggie day care.  Or work for a rescue.  I could tutor full-time.  I could go and get my masters and go teach community college.  I could literally do anything, and that is a wonderful, wonderful thought.

Maybe one of these days I’ll get just lucky enough that I can do it.


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