Cell Phone: Form Of Expensive Paperweight!

We have a land line at the house, but only because it was actually cheaper to get an internet/TV package with it than without it. Our parents have it as an emergency contact number, as do a few other people (since our cell phones get turned off at night), but its main use is a way for us to raise our blood pressure when telemarketers call.  The rest of our long distance conversational contact is done via cell phones, which is of course the number I’ve been putting on resumes for my recent job hunt.

This particular model of cell phone has been giving me fits for a while.  A few months ago it started power cycling for no reason (shutting off, flashing the brand logo, shutting off again, repeat for about 10 minutes).  We took it to the provider, who claimed it must be a battery issue, and sent me a new one.  A few weeks later we had the same thing, so they decided it must be a phone issue and sent me a new phone.  A few weeks later, we again had to go back for the problem, and for some reason they went back to blaming the battery, and sent me yet another one.

I looked a lot like this.

Cue yesterday, where it started power cycling again, but instead of doing it for 10 minutes it did it for 2 solid hours and wouldn’t ever turn back on.  I went to the store, explained my case and its history, and walked out 7 minutes later (record time!) with a promise of a new phone overnighted to me.  While the situation sucked, it was a reasonable solution.  Except for them sending me yet another phone of the same model which obviously has some crazy issue.  But that is a fight for corporate at a later time.

This morning I receive an email saying that the phone has been shipped and will be here tomorrow at 8PM.  So, somehow now only was it not overnighted, but it’s going to show up well after I have left town.  I cannot possibly explain the multiple levels of unhappy I was.  I called corporate, and there was nothing they could do at this point but direct me back to the store.  After 4 rounds of trying to call the store (their stupid phone tree kept routing me to random call centers…thank you lady in Washington for telling me how to cheat it!), I finally get someone on the phone.  The conversation went essentially as follows:

Me: *Story of what happened.*  This is unacceptable.
Manager:  I agree, but the phone has already shipped.  What would you like us to do?
Me: I’m going to come in after work.  And I’m going to leave with a working phone.  I don’t care how you do it, I don’t care if it’s a fantastic phone or some basic thing, but one way or another you’re going to get me an activated phone, because I am not going to keep paying for a service that keeps giving me faulty equipment to provide that service.
Manager: …let me see what I can do.

Soooo now I have a phone.  I made it clear when I went in that I was not upset with the manager as it was clearly not her fault but frustrated with the situation, and that I appreciate her fixing the issue, so don’t worry that I was a completely jerk or anything.  They gave me essentially a loaner phone, that I will use until the new phone they shipped me shows up and I get the activation transferred.  At that point, I’m returning the current phone to them, and they’re giving me a new charger for my phone because that is the only common thread left between all my failed phones.  If it does it yet again I’m going to have a nice chat with corporate…

How is everyone else?


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