An Update From The Land Of Hyrule: Zelda Costume Progress

A few weeks ago I shared my plan of starting a new Zelda costume.  Since I’ve made a decent amount of progress since then I thought it was time to share!

I started out trying to do the costume “the right way”, and went and found a pattern that looked like a good approximation of the reference pictures I had.  I found some appropriately colored cotton fabric, and set to work.  Here’s how far I got:

It’s a little hard to see, but there’s a big problem.  Despite having held the fabric up against various colors to check its opaqueness, you can see the ironed out seams straight through it.  It also pulled and puckered along pretty much every seam, and don’t even get me started on the adventure with the invisible zipper.  Hint: not invisible.

So I did what any reasonable person would do: I totally scrapped the whole thing, went and bought different fabric, and started again from scratch with no pattern.  That’s right, no pattern.  I took a t-shirt that fit me well, traced it out, then just extended the sleeves and flared out the bottom as I extended those lines down.  Voila.

With the exception of still sucking at attaching sleeves (I have no idea why this concept is so difficult for me), it’s not looking half bad!

I had a small mishap with trimming a seam down, and maybe sort of caught some actual fabric in the blades…whoopsies?

Next up on the dress is adding the gold trim designs, which I will be attempting to do with some gold satin bias tape that I’m making tonight.  Fingers crossed on that adventure!  If that doesn’t work I’ll do what many of the other cosplays I’ve seen do and just paint it on.

I’ve also started on making the prop harp.  If you’re unfamiliar with cosplay, pink insulation foam is one of the popular mediums for making props and has served me well before, so that’s what I’m going back to.  To get the right thickness I glued two pieces together, then traced out a pattern that I found online.  My trusty hacksaw and I went to town on the foam, and while I still have a lot of work left to go, I’m optimistic for the final result.  Next up is finishing the edges and setting the slope of the face.

Also, since I was on a Zelda kick, I tried out one of my temporary tattoos as a test.  Thoughts?

That’s it from me for now.  What’s new with you?


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