What’s A Little Competition Between Friends? A Plot Twist In The Job Hunt

someecards.com - I'm having the kind of day at work where I fear that I am a flight risk.

I’m still on the hunt for a new job.  Things have remained stagnant or worsened in the meantime, with the only small improvement being that one of our managers is having to work in the lab to make up for our minimal man power and he now “gets it” when we say we don’t have enough time to do what they want us to do.  We still get some pretty ridiculous deadlines, but every once in a while he’ll stick up for us and drive home that it really isn’t possible and it’s unfair to demand it of us.  It’s a small victory.

Any time I find a listing that I am not interested in for whatever reason, I’ll pass it on to one of my coworkers MG who is also looking to escape our personal slice of hell (side note: the AC broke in my lab and it was hitting the 90s consistently, so it started to physically feel like hell too).  He has done the same for me, though he has fewer connections so it’s not often he gets to share anything with me.  It’s been a good arrangement since despite doing the same sort of job now and having met while doing our undergrad, we have vastly different backgrounds.

But I now have a problem.

Earlier this week he came in and told me about a position he applied for.  I thought it sounded interesting, so I looked it up.  At that point it sounded awesome, and seemed like something I would really, really enjoy if I were able to get it.  I’m not sure it’ll pay enough that I could actually make the switch, but that would be a bridge to cross later.  I whipped up a cover letter (probably the only one I’ve ever written that I wasn’t completely embarrassed by…I hate writing cover letters), double checked my resume, and sent it in.

However, you see what my problem is.  My friend has applied for the job.  The only reason I know about it is because he shared this information in friendly conversation.  While I don’t believe he would get a call back for it, if he does we are directly competing for the spot.  Now that I’ve thrown my hat into the ring, I would never back down, but I do worry about the situation I have potentially created.

Where do you draw the line between the need to advance your career and implied trust and integrity of friendship, and have I already crossed it?


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  1. Go for it! Are they actually someone that you would remain close with once one of you leaves (because it sounds like both of you will leave eventually)? If not, dont worry about it too much. So many work friendships dont stick once one of you is out anyway, and if you are that great of friends, it is worth a real converstaion. Best of luck!!!

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