When Confusion Trumps Motivation

Lemon cheesecake with raspberry swirl: also known as easily the tastiest thing I’ve ever made.

I love to bake.  I suck at cooking, but I’m pretty good at baking.  For my birthday I asked for a candy thermometer.  For Christmas I got a nice glass bottom spring form pan.  I’m all about the confectionery world.

After the hits that were my caramels and milk stout cookies (recipes to come later, I promise!), some people suggested I start selling some of my treats.  At first I kind of shrugged it off, but with how much I’m wanting to bake recently and the good reception to my creations, I’ve started to consider it more seriously.  So, I looked up information on the local farmers’ markets.

At this point I’m so confused about what is and isn’t required to sell food items I might be turned off from the idea completely.

This thing over here says you have to prepare your goods in a licensed kitchen, but this over here says you don’t.  And then over here you have to have a food handler’s certificate, but over here you don’t.  And for this market you have to have an established business with an actual business address and they’re going to publish that address so you can’t just say it’s your house unless you want everyone to know where you live, but for this other market you can do it just as “Jenn the girl who bakes in her house”.  And looking into how to rent a licensed kitchen space?  Dear goodness that alone is just as confusing.

Coffee caramels: for when you want your caffeine to stick to your teeth.

I’m also now completely paranoid about where the line gets drawn between “my friends offered to pay me to make things for gifts” and “I’m selling as a business” So now my head just hurts and I’m not sure I want to dive so deep into this to figure it out.

Maybe someday I’ll buckle down and sort it all out.


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  1. Selling stuff you make is really a confusing area so I don’t blame you for feeling too frustrated to go forward! We are really lucky that the farmers market in our new town has a co-op stand where all you have to do is sign up and they sell whatever you bring that week! Not sure how it works with baked goods, but at least for home grown produce, flowers, eggs etc…I may look into the baked goods idea! Good luck!

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