Secret Saturday: The Goddess Hylia Has Smiled On Me

There is a second-hand game store on one of the major roads here. I make a point of stopping in every week while I’m out running errands to poke around at the NES and SNES collections. I have particular games I am looking for, but I always look through everything they have to see if there are any hidden gems or nostalgia inducing games. Usually I walk out empty-handed (after all, for them to have the game for sale, someone else has to have given it up), but every once in a while I make a good find.

Today I hit the proverbial jackpot.

I found a copy of “Link to the Past” in the SNES cabinet. I did my little happy dance, and asked the guy behind the counter to grab it for me. He picks it up, then says “oh, wait a minute…there’s a special edition version underneath it for another $2, do you want that one instead?” Hell yes I want that one!

On our way back up to the counter, he asks if there’s anything else he can grab for me. I say that unless he’s got a copy of the original “Legend of Zelda” or “The Adventures of Link” hiding somewhere I think I’m all set. He stops, cocks his head to the side a little and goes “…hold on a second” then disappears into the back. When he returns, he’s holding this:

Your eyes do not deceive you. That is a gold cartridge edition of “The Adventures of Link”.

I cannot believe that after weeks of stopping in this store on the hunt for Zelda games that I left today with 2 of them, and they’re both special editions. I’m still doing a happy dance.

So much for doing anything productive with my weekend.


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