The Zombie Apocalypse: 5Ks and Running Through The Woods In The Dark

We ran our first 5K this weekend.

Good news: neither of us is dead.

We participated in Kalamazoo’s “Zombie Dash”, a 5K at night around a lake.  It started at 9PM and ran us up and down hills and through the woods.  There are a few “safe zones” but for the most part the path was infested with “zombies”, AKA people who didn’t feel like running.  You are given two flag-football-esque “life strips” to tuck into your waistband, and the zombies try to take them from you as you run past them.  In a perfect world, the zombies are supposed to actually stay true to zombie form and move slowly, but of course there are always people who like to cheat and we had a couple of world class sprinter zombies out and about.

Geoff and I both lost both our strips, but that’s just fine by us.  Geoff gets major props for running the whole thing.  I apparently did not allow enough time between dinner and the race, because I didn’t do so well…I’ll say “I had to walk a bit” and leave it at that.  But, despite having to walk a little, I managed to catch back up to Geoff, and even passed him before I decided to be nice and hang back so we could finish together.  He may or may not have been a jerk and tried to sprint past me at the finish line, and I may or may not have still beat him by 0.3 seconds.  We both finished 15th in our age groups with a 27:33, which we think is pretty good for our first go at a 5K!

Did you guys do anything awesome this weekend?


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  1. Awesome! That’s a great time! Cobalt and I did our last 5K with my friend who didn’t train at all beforehand and also begged me to stay with her even when she had to walk. The competitive person in me was kind of annoyed about that… :-/ At least Cobalt stayed with us for the most part so that he and I could sprint across the finish line together!

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