TCoFTH: Dunder Mifflin

Get it?  I’m going to talk about Geoff’s office.  So funny right?

I am so behind on updating on house stuff.  We’re not really this slow, I promise.  I just suck at taking pictures when I should, and then by the time I go “oh yeah I should do that as today’s post” I usually have a dog on my lap, and we all know puppy snuggles win out over just about everything.

Our contractor friend did a pretty awesome job putting the walls and doors into the office.  There were some weird edges and seams going on when the drywall started going up, but somehow they got smoothed out and fixed the unevenness.  It was kind of like witnessing magic.

We primed the new drywall (since even with primer and paint in one you can’t just start slapping paint on; new drywall is so porous it’ll just suck up everything) and got the new trim painted pretty quickly after the installation was done.  For choosing a paint color, I told Geoff this was his room so he could pick whatever color he wanted.  When he came home with a paint that looked like the textbook definition of grey, I was not surprised.

The paint went up in one coat, though there are some spots where I think it could have used a second round.  But hey, it’s not my office.

I’ll admit, after it dried, it didn’t look quite so grey.  It’s still grey, but it’s more blueish than straight up grey.  Not my cup of tea per se, but I’m not going to get sad every time I walk past it like I thought I would.  It’s a good color for him and for a guy’s office.

The doors came primed, but needed some sanding and a good coat of paint. The windows were covered with a plastic sheet, so we didn’t have to worry about trying to tape off the glass.  What we did have to worry about though was how absolutely difficult it was to paint the stupid lattice pattern. If you’ve never tried to paint a french door before, don’t.  It’s awful.  I highly recommend just living with it however it is.  Because this was ridiculous.

Also ridiculous?  Taking off said “helpful” plastic sheet.  It sort of came off in flakes rather than as a sheet.

We actually got the furniture from Ikea.  Ikea is great for cheap, stable furniture, but isn’t usually all that fantastic if you’re looking for “nice” furniture.  They do have the occasional goodie though, as was the case with the furniture set Geoff really liked.  I give him props for his designing; that likely really helped make the furniture look as good as it does.



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