Time Flies When You Feel Like You Aren’t Doing Anything

This is what my life has started to feel like. Except we’re not having nearly enough fun. And I don’t have a beard. Yet.

It’s really weird that despite how busy Geoff and I are when we get home from work trying to get various house items done, nothing ever seems to get done.

We have roughly a 5 hour spread between getting home and going to bed.  Sure part of it is used for dinner, but not nearly a large enough portion to justify the lack of productivity.  We’re sure are up and doing stuff, but it never really seems like anything actually gets accomplished.

Maybe it’s because we do things in stages, so despite working for a good portion of the evening, since the item isn’t actually done we don’t really feel like we’ve accomplished anything.  Or maybe it’s because it’s a series of small tasks that don’t feel big enough on their own to count as “doing something”.  I really don’t know.  All I know is we agree that we don’t seem to get nearly enough done for the time we put into getting stuff done in the evening.

Are we alone in this endless struggle to get things done without actually seeming to get anything done, or is this a shared phenomenon?

Also, small random work update: we’re now down to 4 chemists (started with 7), and one department is actually completely empty.  3 of the 4 that are left are actively looking for new jobs.  I see chaos on the horizon.

Also also, random WordPress update: apparently typing the word “chemist” makes WordPress just start spewing any chemistry terms it can as recommended tags.  It is currently telling me to tag “pipette” and “graduated cylinder”.  Also, “not getting anything done” makes it prompt 4 different versions of “video games”.  Thanks WordPress.


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  1. Sorry to hear about your job… I can’t believe they aren’t getting the hint with everyone leaving…

    Also, I totally know what you mean. I have been so busy lately but I still feel like I am accomplishing nothing… I don’t get it… :-/

  2. Job: frustrating
    Lack of time: also frustrating! (in a very different way)

    We were totally feeling that “lack of progress” bug and decided to pair back projects and ONLY work on one room at a time. Not even unpack a box in a different room until our focus room was done. It is still slow going but helps us see progress a little more. This weekend we tackle the storage room and dining room!

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