Cooking From Scratch

Geoff and I have been trying to make a point of cooking most nights.  It’s not exactly fancy, but it’s fresh food.  We had been trying to make a point of trying a new recipe each week too, but that practice has fallen a little to the side since the honeymoon.  It’s usually a joint adventure, but we each have our niche in the scheme and don’t really stray from it.  He cooks the meats, I make the marinade/sauce/whatever.  We rely heavily on the grill, but the stove top gets a fair amount of usage.  The oven has seen a dinner or two, but mostly it’s responsible for the treats that make me wish I spent more time at the gym.

We have a few cookbooks that my mom got us for Christmas, so we poke through those every week to find something new to try.  For the most part it’s been relatively successful.  We’ve only had one failure (and by “we” I mean “me”) but I’m blaming that on the lack of proper cookware to pull it off.  Outside of that, there’s only been one recipe we’ve tried that I wasn’t a huge fan of, but Geoff and his mom loved it so I guess my taste buds were just broken or something.

I didn’t think the cooking routine was a big deal until Geoff came home and explained that his coworkers are constantly amazed at his leftovers.  Apparently it’s unusual that he has leftovers of real food, that he’s voluntarily eating leftovers, and that they actually look/smell good.  I don’t know if they just think we spend a crap ton of time cooking or that we’re amazing chefs, but they won’t believe us when we say it’s really not that hard.

I’ve started to share some of the recipes for dinners and baked goods with friends, family, and coworkers, so I decided I should start sharing here too.  So, on those days where I’m staring at my screen wondering what I should post about (that’s been happening a lot lately…total brain block) I’ve decided I’m going to post a recipe that I like.  Some of them will be mine, some I’ll be sharing from elsewhere and will of course credit accordingly.  Hopefully I’ll post one or two that will tickle your fancy or give you a new idea!

Likewise, if you have any recipes, send them my way!  We’re always looking for new stuff to try, whether it be a main course, side, or tasty treat.


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  1. I think it is great that you guys are cooking more! It is one of our favorite things to do, and leftovers make the best lunches 🙂

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