Secret Saturday: New Project – Skyward Sword Zelda Cosplay

The Link costume is good.  It’s not great and has much room for improvement, but it’s decent.  The things that need fixing require major work, to the point that if I was going to put that much effort in I might as well just start it from scratch.  Since I don’t feel like rehashing it quite yet, it’s time to move on.

I’ve wanted to make a Zelda costume for a while, but my two favorites are so damned intricate that I’ve never been able to look past the whole thing to the individual pieces, and it’s way too daunting as a singular unit.  Not to mention that, as far as Zelda versions go, it’s got the most complicated to construct accessories.

This is a real person. A REAL PERSON. She sort of looks like Zelda herself just sort of decided she was tired of being in a game and stepped out of the TV.

Enter Skyward Sword, where Zelda is not yet a princess, so she has a much more humble wardrobe…AKA much easier to construct. There’s still a lot of pieces, but the complexity comes from the sewing as opposed to prop construction, so it seems more manageable to me.  Depending on how fancy I want to get it can get more or less complicated, and it still requires some interesting props, but if I carved out time for it I think I could do it.  I’ve just not had a reason to carve out time for it.

Until now.  Now I have a goal: October 19.

Two years ago, Nintendo announced the Symphony of the Goddesses, and orchestral masterpiece that would be touring in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Legend of Zelda.  It was every musical Zelda fan’s dream.  It was also not even close to approaching where I lived.  They finally made their way up to Chicago, but it was after I had moved to MI and it was on a weekday, making it impossible for me to attend.  To say I was super bummed out over it was an understatement, and at the time that show was supposed to be one of the last.

I got a bit of good news last week however, when poor Geoff decided to put up with the nerding out that would follow and reveal to me that he had received an email from a venue close to us that would be hosting the symphony in October.  Bonus: it’s on a Saturday.

So now, I get to go, and I’m super pumped, and this is the sort of symphony where getting your geek wardrobe out is encouraged.  Obviously, it’s time for Zelda to make an appearance in my closet.

Now I just have to figure out how much fanciness I have time for…and where to find a good wig.



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